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Is Moss On My Roof Bad? Why?

Moss growing on your roof is harmful and is something to be aware of. But why is it bad? Because it causes leaks. How exactly does it cause leaks? I'll explain.

Moss commonly thrives in environments that are wet and dark. When it starts forming on your roof, the first place it grows is on the edges of the roofing shingles. The roots from moss grow their way upwards and underneath the next shingle that lays on top. The moss and it's roots can lift up shingles and allow constant water and moisture on the wood underneath the shingles. Not only does it lead to mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow on the felt and wood underneath the shingles, IT CAUSES THE WOOD TO ROT! This leads to holes in your roof and causes leaks into your home. It can also cause mold growth which is dangerous to breathe! Only an insured professional should be on a roof, especially if it's covered in slippery moss. It’s very important to watch for moss growth and treat it as needed. Even if the moss looks dead, it comes back to life with a little water. Living in the Pacific Northwest, you should take steps to prevent moss growth on your roof because moss causes severe roof damage and expensive repairs.

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